Steam Censorship for China?

Here are updates of the process of review from Steam.

  1. No reply since 18-10-2019 for both store page and game content.
  2. No respond from Steam customer service.
  3. Another game from Hong Kong also encountered similar situation.

For more accurate wording, Steam refuses to respond. Strangely, you can find lots of political games on Steam. We want to send out an open letter to Steam and hope you can help me to spread the word to the world.


An Open Letter to Steam (Censorship for China?) 36 kB
Dec 05, 2019

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I've just tweeted about this. Will probably link the tweet in a few communities I frequent. Is there another way I could help you be seen?

Also, I've noticed a few minor linguistic errors in your letter. Would you like me to help you fix them?

Thanks for your help! I am still figuring a way to spread this news, contacted serval media and journalist, waiting for reply.

Yes, can you help me to fix it? I am very grateful for your help!

Sorry for being so late, personal matters got me busy.

I have made edits to the letter, you can see my version here:

I have also noticed that there is a point in the Steamworks documentation ("Getting started" section) that says there is a delay of 30 days between paying the app fee and being able to have your submission reviewed. I assume the almost 2 months that the review of your game has been taking don't include that initial paperwork period, right?

Thanks for your help!

I guess the delay of 30 days indicate the minimum process days of review from Steam. Normally, they should keep contact with developer to adjust the submission content. We submitted on 18 Oct.

Yeah, it has definitely been a long time without any updates. I just wanted to make sure we know to what extent Valve has been complacent.

Good luck, and let me know if there's more I could help with.

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