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Liberate Hong Kong is a third-person video game simulating current protests in Hong Kong. The game centres on protagonist an unnamed Hong Konger (our brother) as he stays in the frontline of protest resisting against the risk of being shot, arrested and other kinds of police brutality backed by the Government.

We hope people from all around the world to be able to experience the crisis Hong Konger currently facing by introducing the game to you all. Despite countless trials on peaceful marches and protests since June 2019, the government ignored our demands. Instead, it oppresses the crowd by trying to silence us with the system, the law, the Police Force and even triad members. “Liberate Hong Kong” is our declaration to all those suppressions: we will never bow to the totalitarian reign of terror. We will resist and fight back until the day of Victory! 

Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our Time!


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An Open Letter to Steam (Censorship for China?) 36 kB
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for every non-chinese/mandorin speaker... i have no idea what they are saying either


废青,秋后的蚂蚱 蹦跶不了多久

Liberate Hong Kong gameplay










Freedom for Hong Kong! Sadly I don't have any VR compatible wear but I love what you are doing!

> "I don't have any VR compatible wear"

The game comes with a normal "PLAY" mode that allows the use of mouse & keyboard. No need for a VR controller.

viva hong kong!!!!

畫質都算OK, 期望出任務模式

有得搶武搶據點, 打狗就更加完美

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Hahaha,you're right.





fight for freedom!stand with hong kong!

Any chance to support on Oculus Quest?

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I was picking up teargases and genuinely got scared when the police suddenly run towards me. 

Though, I feel dizzy after playing it, probably because of the lighting, also the voice of the police was little off. 

Other than that, everything was accurate. Thank you for the game.


It works fine with Rift CV1, so probably all Oculus headsets are supported, even Quest using Link


Thanks for testing!

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你可以試下去EPIC GAMES上架,佢地CEO話冇政治審查,

如果佢唔比你上,係Reddit唱佢反口,相信會比STEAM 唔比上有回響,因為班西人好多都唔LIKE EPIC GAMES,有私人感情&聰哥事件加持,



個idea 幾好,但最大問題係邊個負責上架。

因為上架通常要身分證明。EPIC 始終係中資,有少少擔心,不過可以聯絡佢問下先。

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Deleted 72 days ago
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lmfao, from my experience in HK, most of the people are supporting the protesters. Real Hongkongers totally understand that we should take action before CCP destroy HK. And you have mentioned that they will hit you only because you criticize them?  Seriously you trust it? It is so ridiculous.


it happens more than i would like to admit tbh


Shut up bootlicker

Deleted 71 days ago

good idea but little bug